Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scott Burdick Painting Available - Sale will go to Cancer Treatment payments.

"Planting Time" oil, 20" by 16" by Scott Burdick $5,000

Here is the text from please pass this message along:

This painting was sold a few years ago, but the man who bought it recently found out he has cancer and is trying to raise money to pay for the hospital treatments he'll need. Sadly, he's always had medical insurance through his work, but recently switched from one company to another. Even though there was no gap when he wasn't covered, his new insurance company says his cancer is a pre-existing condition so won't pay for it. If anyone is interested in this painting, just contact Germanton Germanton, NC (336) 969-6121

This is just up the road from his house house on Flat Shoals Road. The farmers are planting Tobacco with the Quaker Gap Baptist Church in the background.