Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More photos from Alexey's Studio

Group shot, Left to Right: Logan Maxwell Hagege, Aaron Westerburg, Charles Morris, Alexey Steele, Rose Frantzen, Daniel Pinkham, Richard Schmid, Peter Adams, Susan Lyon, Ignat Ignatov, Jeremy Lipking, Scott Burdick, Ryan Brown, Nancy Guzik, Michelle Dunnaway, Joseph Todorovitch.  Tony Pro was missing from this photo because he was cooking all of us a great meal. 

Scott Burdick, Alexey Steele and Rose Frantzen

Susan Lyon, Jeremy Lipking, Aaron Westerburg

Logan Maxwell Hagege and Daniel Pinkham

Tony Pro at work.

L to R: Leonid Steele, Alexey Steele, Richard Schmid, Rose Frantzen, Ignat Ignatov, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Nancy Guzik, Greg Pro, Tony Pro

L to R: Peter Adams, Joseph Todorovitch, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon, Aaron Westerburg

Tony Pro, Richard Schmid, Alexey Steele, Daniel Pinkham
L to R: Richard Schmid, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Leonid Steele, Daniel Pinkham, Alexey Steele

L to R: Alexey Steele, Richard Schmid, Daniel Pinkham, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Ignat Ignatov, Nancy Guzik, Tony Pro, Ryan Brown, Michelle Dunnaway.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Painting at Alexey Steele's studio

Some of the group painting at Alexey Steele's studio, including: Logan Maxwell Hagege, Aaron Westerburg,  Charles Morris, Rose Frantzen, Peter Adams, Alexey Steele, Dan Pinkham, Richard Schmid, Ignat Ignatov, Nancy Gusik, Susan Lyon, Michelle Dunnaway, Jeremy Lipking, Scott Burdick, Ryan Brown, Joseph Todorovitch and Tony Pro (not pictured)

I spent the last couple of days painting with some of the finest Artists in this country,  at Alexey Steele's studio in Los Angeles.  It is a very rare thing for so many artists from around the country to be able to get together like this and paint together, talk to one another, eat together and inspire each other.  It was great to spend time with of these artists in once place at the same time.  I will try to post some more images later.  

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Painting

"Dream Catcher" oil/linen 12x9

Define: Artist


a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recent Painting Trip - Utah

L to R: Logan Maxwell Hagege, Jeremy Lipking, Josh Elliot and Scott Burdick...Glenn Dean was outside of the frame.  Capitol Reef National Park, UT

I just returned from a painting trip to Utah with some friends.  We painted several locations including Capitol Reef, Mt. Carmel, Kanab, and Cannonville. 

Scott Burdick and Logan Maxwell Hagege painting the view from the photo above.

Logan Maxwell Hagege and Jeremy Lipking playing guitar after finishing sunset paintings. 

The morning sun in Capitol Reef Park

Capitol Reef

Logan Maxwell Hagege playing guitar near Torrey, UT

Moonrise cowboy songs, with Glenn Dean painting in the background.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Painting

"Pueblo at Noon" oil/linen 12x9

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Malibu Painting

I made it out to paint Malibu with friend's Ryan Brown and Jeremy Lipking the other day.  It was a quick sunset painting session, the light moved very fast so we only had about 45 minutes to paint. 

Logan Maxwell Hagege and Jeremy Lipking painting near Point Dume, photo: Ryan Brown 

Logan Maxwell Hagege finishing up the painting at dusk.