Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More photos from Alexey's Studio

Group shot, Left to Right: Logan Maxwell Hagege, Aaron Westerburg, Charles Morris, Alexey Steele, Rose Frantzen, Daniel Pinkham, Richard Schmid, Peter Adams, Susan Lyon, Ignat Ignatov, Jeremy Lipking, Scott Burdick, Ryan Brown, Nancy Guzik, Michelle Dunnaway, Joseph Todorovitch.  Tony Pro was missing from this photo because he was cooking all of us a great meal. 

Scott Burdick, Alexey Steele and Rose Frantzen

Susan Lyon, Jeremy Lipking, Aaron Westerburg

Logan Maxwell Hagege and Daniel Pinkham

Tony Pro at work.

L to R: Leonid Steele, Alexey Steele, Richard Schmid, Rose Frantzen, Ignat Ignatov, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Nancy Guzik, Greg Pro, Tony Pro

L to R: Peter Adams, Joseph Todorovitch, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon, Aaron Westerburg

Tony Pro, Richard Schmid, Alexey Steele, Daniel Pinkham
L to R: Richard Schmid, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Leonid Steele, Daniel Pinkham, Alexey Steele

L to R: Alexey Steele, Richard Schmid, Daniel Pinkham, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Ignat Ignatov, Nancy Guzik, Tony Pro, Ryan Brown, Michelle Dunnaway.

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