Thursday, February 23, 2012

Composition Workshop in Scottsdale MARCH 2012

I will be teaching a 5 day painting workshop in Scottsdale.  I taught a similar course last year and had a great response.  The Scottsdale Artists' School is a great place to study, they staff makes it very easy on students.

This workshop will help students to simplify their compositions, learning to leave out the unimportant and strengthen composition.  A common problem I hear about from students is that they take photos for reference as well as paint studies, but have a hard time turning them into finished paintings in the studio.  This workshop will address this issue and we will learn to use the reference to help us in the studio.

Here is a course description from the Scottsdale Artists' School website:

This workshop will focus on simplifying your paintings. Having a strong foundation leads to a more successful finished piece. A common mistake in making a painting is putting too much information into the picture, without having that strong base to work on. Working both from live models and from photographs, we will take a look at simplifying your work and producing a stronger image. Classes will include daily demonstrations as well as slide shows, where we will study masters of the past and see how they simplified their work to help the final image.
Instructor -- Logan Hagege
Logan Maxwell Hagege is a talented artist who excels in depicting the figure and landscapes. Serious study in art started for Logan when an early interest in animation sent him to a local art school. His interest quickly moved from animation to fine art while attending life drawing classes. Logan studied privately under Steve Huston and Joseph Mendez, and has drawn inspiration for his subjects from his native Southern California as well as by traveling extensively to view various landscapes in the American Southwest and the Northeast Coast of the U.S. Logan finds encouragement and guidance in masters of the past such as Gustav Klimpt, N.C. Wyeth, T.W. Dewing and Maynard Dixon. One idea that drives Logan`s work is that evolution in art is never ending, and he is constantly challenging himself with new ideas and ways of looking at the same subject.

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