Friday, February 20, 2009

Solo Exhibition - Scottsdale, Arizona

Poster for Solo Exhibit $50 available at John B. Strong Fine Art

Lindsey and I are gearing up for our quick trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for my Solo Exhibition at John B. Strong Fine Art. I have been preparing for this show for months, it is quite a relief to be done with the paintings and to have everything at the gallery.

"Mesa Shadows" oil on panel 20x16
"Dark Mesa" ink on paper 7x8

I did 20 paintings for this show, all of the work is Southwestern subject matter. The funny thing is that half of the show was painted in the North East. But I enjoy being able to take trips into the Southwest, and do tons of studies outdoors and take a lot of photos, and then retreating to the North East to do my studio work. When I get back to the North East it feels like a different world, but it allows me to paint freely without too much outside influence from the Southwest.

"Mother and Child" pencil/paper 8x7.5
"Blue Bandana" oil on canvas 10x8
"Along the Mesa" gouache on paper 5x7

The artwork was done in a variety of mediums. I always enjoy going to shows that have a few drawings, some oils, and some water media. So I tried my best to do a variety of things so everyone who sees the show will enjoy it.
I tried something new at this show too. I designed a poster and printed up about 50 of them, that we will be selling at the show. They are all hand silk-screened, I look forward to seeing the public reaction to the posters. I had a good time designing it.

To see the work visit or

The show opens February 26th 7-9pm. I hope to see anyone who can make it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Events!

"By the Adobe Wall" at Settlers West American Miniatures, opens Feb. 14th
"Taken by the Sea- Fisherman's Memorial" at Addison Art Gallery, opens Feb. 14th
"Teaching Rock" at Solo Exhibit, at John B. Strong Fine Art, opens Feb 26th.

A lot going on this month. Here is a list of events that I am part of this month:

Solo Exhibition, John B. Strong Fine Art, Scottsdale AZ. for more info. I will have about 20 new paintings in this show. I will be at the opening on Feb. 26th, hope to see you there.

"Paintapalooza", Addison Art Gallery, Orleans MA. for more info. I have 4 paintings in this group show. I will be at the opening on Feb. 14th.

"Paintapalooza" at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis MA. for more info. I have 1 painting in this museum show. I will be at the opening on Feb. 13th.

American Miniatures, Settlers West Gallery, Tucson AZ. for more info. I have 1 paintings in this annual group show, if you can make it to the opening it is a sight to see with several hundred collectors and artists everywhere. Unfortunately, I can't make this show I will be at Addison Art Gallery that night.