Friday, February 20, 2009

Solo Exhibition - Scottsdale, Arizona

Poster for Solo Exhibit $50 available at John B. Strong Fine Art

Lindsey and I are gearing up for our quick trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for my Solo Exhibition at John B. Strong Fine Art. I have been preparing for this show for months, it is quite a relief to be done with the paintings and to have everything at the gallery.

"Mesa Shadows" oil on panel 20x16
"Dark Mesa" ink on paper 7x8

I did 20 paintings for this show, all of the work is Southwestern subject matter. The funny thing is that half of the show was painted in the North East. But I enjoy being able to take trips into the Southwest, and do tons of studies outdoors and take a lot of photos, and then retreating to the North East to do my studio work. When I get back to the North East it feels like a different world, but it allows me to paint freely without too much outside influence from the Southwest.

"Mother and Child" pencil/paper 8x7.5
"Blue Bandana" oil on canvas 10x8
"Along the Mesa" gouache on paper 5x7

The artwork was done in a variety of mediums. I always enjoy going to shows that have a few drawings, some oils, and some water media. So I tried my best to do a variety of things so everyone who sees the show will enjoy it.
I tried something new at this show too. I designed a poster and printed up about 50 of them, that we will be selling at the show. They are all hand silk-screened, I look forward to seeing the public reaction to the posters. I had a good time designing it.

To see the work visit or

The show opens February 26th 7-9pm. I hope to see anyone who can make it!


Frank Gardner said...

Good solid stuff Logan. I like the "Mesa Shadows" and the "Mother and Child" ones best of what is here in this post.
Which is the poster? I'll look on the gallery site and see if it says there.
Good luck with the show.

Logan Hagege said...

Thanks Frank! The poster isn't posted yet, but I am going to post it now!

Dan Corey said...

These are looking great, I hope to see more of your work in person, good luck at your show!

Eric Merrell said...

Hey Logan, hope the show went well. Looks great, and the poster is a good idea - it'll be a collector's item soon and people will wish they had grabbed one when they had the chance!

redchair said...

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lindsey said...

you're my hero

Logan Hagege said...

Thanks Dan! Same here, I haven't really seen your work besides your blog, which I am going to link to my blog right now.

Logan Hagege said...

Hey Eric, Thanks! Yeah the poster idea was just something that seemed like a fun thing to do. Glenn Dean and I have talked about designing posters the way they used to in the good old days, and so I finally got my act together and tried to make one. I think I will try to make a poster for each one-man show I do. We'll see.

Logan Hagege said...

Lindsey, you are my hero too