Monday, August 3, 2009


"Clearing Storm" oil on linen 18x24

I will be teaching a Figure Painting Workshop that will focus on painting the figure outdoors.  We will study color and value in this class.  Since light moves so fast, we won't focus as much on composition or drawing.  Instead we will focus on making studies from life.  Drawing and composition should be studied for years and take a long time to develop.  So does color and value study, but I feel like this is something that is possible to teach in a short workshop like this.  I hope that my students will take something valuable from this class and ideas in this class will be the starting point to painting great color from life! If you are interested in this class please visit to get more info.  The dates are August 10th-12th, the cost of the class is $350.  I will be painting demos and working with students.

Hope to see you there!


Eric Merrell said...

Man, I hope folks have already gotten a space for this if they wanted one. Logan's classes are fun and the Essential Points of Painting are explained in understandable terms. No formulas, just great painting.

Bruce Sherman said...

Your figure work...especially with native subjects is classic..and timeless Logan. Wish that I lived closer...and I'd be in the front row..or at your elbow in the upcoming class! Good luck with it!

I admire your sense of humanity displayed in your attempt to support the man requiring cancer treatments. I guess that's what separates artists from politicians and insurance claim adjudicators...we choose to live...from the heart!