Monday, November 23, 2009

Portrait Painting Workshop Announced

"Painting the Portrait in the Studio"
March 19-21, 2010, $375.00, 9am-4pm
This 3-day class will focus on several aspects of painting the portrait, working with live models.  Some basic topics to be covered include; proportion, color, design, lighting, value, and many more.  Each day will include an instructor demonstration, as well as personal instruction with the students.  This workshop will take place in Logan Maxwell Hagege's East Coast studio in Fall River, MA.  Besides learning about painting the portrait, you will also get an inside view into Hagege's studio process.  

CLASS SIZE is limited, please contact me asap if interested. 



sara said...

Art workshop based on portrait drawing would be really useful. Portrait is one of the difficult subjects to capture as it deals with total likeness of the person. A good 3 day workshop would really help.

Logan Hagege said...

Hi Sara, Yes portrait drawing is so important. In my classes students have a choice of painting or drawing. I always try to urge my students to draw as much as possible.

Logan Hagege said...
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