Saturday, December 19, 2009

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I recently went on a trip to San Miguel de Allende with a group of 15 artists.  Frank Gardner put the whole trip together for us, including finding us a great place to stay, Casa Heyne.  The villa was great, approx 16,ooo sq ft., with a cooking and cleaning staff.  We were very spoiled.  Paintings from this trip will be in two exhibitions in February.  The first is on February 12th at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, in Dennis, MA.  The second show is at Addison Art Gallery on February 13th, in Orleans, MA.  The following pictures are in no particular order, all of the artists in the photos should have links to the right of the page, if not write me and ask for their websites.  

A view of the courtyard at our villa.
Some of the crew on the way into town one evening.  L-R: Alexey Steele, Jeremy Lipking, Ernesto Nemesio, Daniel Corey.  

Alexey Steele, painting the sunset clouds from the roof of our villa. 

The View from the roof looking west @ sunset. 

Fresh bbq'd corn at a ranch outside of San Miguel de Allende

Lunch at the ranch.
the "west coast" crew during a break from our 3 hour trail ride.  


Ingat Ignatov getting roped by Paul Schulenburg. 
Jerome Greene and Frank Gardner.

A lasso demo

A local police officer's horse tied up in town.

Peter Kallil, Colin Page, and Frank Gardner after painting in the country outside of San Miguel de Allende.

Our gracious host, Frank Gardner

Some of our group painting a local trinket seller.

Scott Burdick during a break, painting a local rancher who sat for us. 

Peter Kallil and a new fan. 

Parade in town.
Another sunset over San Miguel
A view of one of the patio areas @ Casa Heyne, Scott Burdick and Jeremy Lipking. 

Me doing my best impression of a Refined Cowboy.  

A typical street scene.

Jerome Greene with some new friends. 

Looking for a place to paint.

A local church.
Tamales with Lipking and Ignatov

Indoor market.
Outdoor market

Another Street View.

Make sure to visit to see paintings from the show and get more show details.  


Frank Gardner said...

That picture of Rosario out at the ranch is rad Logan.
Nice shot.

Logan Hagege said...

yeah that guy has the best face. i took a handful of photos of him when he was talking to you.

RC Reese said...

cool pixs, Logan. Isn't Scott Burdick the one second to the last guy in photo 2 (night on the town)? Scott's great. I went to a couple of his workshops in N.C. and he is one of the best teachers. He never holds back on sharing. Didn't you attend one of his workshop too? I thought I read that somewhere. Love your work and thanks for sharing your pix and happy holidays!

Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

Hey RC, yeah Scott was on the trip with us. He is great, a great teacher as you said. Yeah I took a couple of his workshops when I was studying, its always fun watching his demos. He is one of the nicest guys in the biz.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Logan, Great pics! good times for sure.