Monday, January 17, 2011

Online Live Demonstration on

I will be doing a live demonstration on the educational art website on Saturday January 22nd, at 3 pm, pacific time.  Here is a bit of info from the website on the demo:

Composing the Studio Painting (4hrs)
This painting demonstration will cover several aspects of putting a painting together in the studio. Logan Maxwell Hagege will combine photography as well as field studies to put together a finished piece.
Topics including composition, preliminary sketches, photography, lighting, color and more will be discussed.
BROADCASTING LIVE: January 22, 2011 3 p.m. (Pacific Time)
Cost: $29.99

Here is the link to sign up for the demonstration:
I hope to see you all there!  


Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of viewing your live workshop and watched it again yesterday. Your demo was fascinating, informative and such a bargain! I actually paint wildlife in acrylics, but I still learned so much that I can apply to my work. This was an invaluable investment in my art education and I hope you will do it again!
I live in Tucson and see that you are teaching here this weekend. Wish I could attend and meet you. I have to admit, your name and your work were familiar to me before the workshop, but I thought you were an old guy; I am amazed to see how young you are :) I still don't think I can pronounce your name correctly though.
I will be watching your blog for the final painting. I hope you do display it in Scottsdale, then maybe I will get a chance to see it in person.

Sandi Macdonald

Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

Hi Sandi,

I am glad that you enjoyed the demonstration. I will be teaching a 5 day workshop at the Scottsdale Artists' School at the end of March, here is the link for that class

I will be touching on some of what was in the demo and lots more that I wasn't able to get to during the short demonstration.

I will be posting the finished painting on the blog soon!


Logan Maxwell Hagege said...
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Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

For some reason the link doesn't wanna work for the workshop, you can visit my website to find more info in the "classes" section.