Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Gouache Paintings

I have been working on these small gouache paintings lately. After painting all day, I like working on these at night. I have about 15 or so of these on my website, check out the rest at


Frank Gardner said...

Hey Logan, Very cool that you decided to start this blog. I'll be a regular reader.
These gouache paintings are awesome. I like how you control your values and don't go too dark.
I bought some gouache early in the year hoping to experiment with it a bit, but I have not yet. Better get at it before they dry up in the tubes.
I'll add a link to you on my blog.

Eric Merrell said...

Hey Logan,

Nice job, glad to see the blog, I'll put a link to it over on mine. Landscapes by day, Indians by night? How are the Maine paintings going?

Logan Hagege said...

Thanks Eric, Yeah I figured it was time to start a blog, I liked reading yours and all the guys from the Maine trip so I thought I would do the same. Well I have been painting this Native American Portraits since the start of the summer and have been having a lot of fun doing them. So its more like landscapes and Indians by day, and more Indians by night! Thanks for linking me.

Logan Hagege said...

Thanks Frank, As I told Eric, I have enjoyed reading all of the blogs from you guys, so I thought I should do the same. And thanks for linking me. Yeah the gouache paintings are fun, I haven't painted with them since art school, but was reminded that they are fun by my artist friends Erin Rosen and Glenn Dean, they are both really good with gouache. Go do some before the tubes dry!