Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip to Maine

L t0 R: Frank Gardner, Colin Page, Jerome Greene, Jeffrey Bonasia
painting in Port Clyde

L to R: Jeremy Lipking and Eric Merrell, Marshall Point, Port Clyde, ME

L to R: Glenn Dean, Logan Hagege - Lobster Cove, Monhegan Island

Group Shot, Monhegan Island Harbor

I recently returned from a painting trip to Maine with about 12 or 13 other artists. A lot of fun and a lot of nice stuff to paint! I will post a painting I did in the studio after returning home as well as some photos from the trip. Check out Jeremy Lipking's blog for a neat little video he put together form the trip, as well as Eric Merrell's Blog for photos etc, Frank Gardener's Blog for photos and paintings, and Colin Page's Blog for Maine trip related stuff too. Sorry if I am forgetting anyone's blog. Here is a list of artists that went on the trip:

Peter Kalill
Paul Schulenburg
Jerome Greene
Frank Gardner
Jeremy Lipking
Ernesto Nemesio
Glenn Dean
Logan Hagege
Casey Baugh
Eric Merrell
and Jeffrey Bonasia

A show of Maine paintings is going to be on exhibition at Addison Art Gallery in February and at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, in January.

Logan Hagege "White Head, Monhegan" 12x16 oil on linen


Frank Gardner said...

I like the White Head painting a lot Logan. great job on the shift from warm to cool blues.

Anonymous said...

Nice shapes, man, nice shapes. Simplicity! Love it.

Logan Hagege said...

Thanks Frank! Those colors were pretty darn subtle out there huh?!? I tried to make the painting about those subtle temperature shifts as well as the big simple masses.

Logan Hagege said...

Thanks Eric, Yes simplicity works best for me! Those shapes were a lot of fun to paint, you did a really nice painting when we painted on Monhegan that day. I hope that one makes it into a larger painting!

Jeff Bonasia said...

I am weighing in as a fan of "White Head" as well...I think some of the best work out of the Port Clyde trip was subtle and simple - like White Head and Frank's Misty boats (damn, sold already, wanted that..) and Jeremy's Rock...for example

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Feb.